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IIMEC is committed to supporting

IIMEC is committed to supporting international summer/special schools, workshops, and conferences for graduate students and advanced undergraduates, researchers, and faculty. The support mechanisms include covering registration and travel expenses of U.S. graduate and undergraduate students for both international events and events in the U.S., which in a few cases also include faculty expenses, and other organizational expenses for the events in the U.S. IIMEC participants who are interested in organizing an event submit a short proposal to request IIMEC support. The IIMEC executive committee discusses each request and presents the proposal to all IIMEC participants during the monthly teleconferences. Based on the availability of funding and the importance of the event for the IIMEC goals, the decision is made by the executive committee. Most of the financial support by IIMEC for the special schools, workshops, and/or conferences is used towards covering registration and travel expenses of graduate and undergraduate students. This year, the following events are partially supported by IIMEC:

Conferences/Workshops/Special Schools


Special School




Organizing Chair


Mini-Symposium: Micromechanics and Modeling of Multifunctional Materials

Thessaloniki, Greece

July 14-15, 2011

Homogenization and micromechanics of multifunctional composites


D.C. Lagoudas, TAMU

D.C. Lagoudas

Summer School on Composite & Smart Materials: Theory and Applications

Ioannina, Greece

July 18-22, 2011

Smart materials and composites

D.C. Lagoudas, TAMU

D.C. Lagoudas

ICAST2011, 22nd International Conference on Adaptive Structures Technologies

Imperial Hotel, Corfu, Greece

Oct 10-12, 2011

Intelligent materials, adaptive

structures and systems

D. Saravanos, U. Patras, Greece

D.C. Lagoudas

2012 IIMEC Winter School in Computational Material – Science Across Scales

College Station, TX USA

Jan 2012

Computational materials science

R. Arroyave, A. Benzerga, T. Cagin, TAMU

R. Arroyave

3rd IIMEC Annual Meeting

College Station, TX

Jan 18-19, 2012


Dimitris Lagoudas

D. C. Lagoudas

The International Conference on Bio-based Materials and Composites (ICBMC'12)

Marrakesh, Morocco

Feb 22-24, 2012

Bio-based materials for environment, sustainability,  and energy

Hamid Kaddami, Cadi Ayyad University, Morrocco

Z. Ounaies

 Dr. Raymundo Arroyave organized the first IIMEC Winter School on Computational Materials Science, attended by graduate students and postdocs of seven different countries in the Mediterranean Basin. Over 20 participants at all levels of their academic careers (including undergraduate students and postdocs) from fourteen institutions and seven countries (including five local Texas A&M students and five domestic US students) participated in this two-week intensive school designed to familiarize participants with some of the most important theoretical developments in the emerging field of computational materials science. The IIMEC Winter School will continue in future years and will involve the participation of a wide range of international participants. As part of the Winter School, a website was established with all the lecture materials and videos are available to the wider materials science community. The website is located at: http://iimecwinterschool.org/

There are plans for future international summer/special schools, workshops, and conferences for graduate students and advanced undergraduates, researchers, and faculty. As an example, in July 16th-19th, 2012, Dr. Ounaies is organizing a workshop in Monastir, Tunisia as part of the U.S. Department of State-funded U.S.-Tunisia-Morocco Partnership on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Engineering Education. The NSF IIMEC will contribute funds to co-sponsor this multi-day event focused on engineering students and early career faculty from Tunisia and Morocco.