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US-Saudi Arabia

Dr. Yalchin Efiendev’s group recently put together a center proposal "Numerical Porous Media"(NumPor) to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology - KAUST. NumPor brings together researchers working on modeling and simulations of complex processes in porous media with applications including material science as well as subsurface applications. Many of these applications involving porous media share similarities. In particular, similar workflows (representative volume calculations, macroscopic modeling from the pore scale, and so on) are used and researchers face common challenges (uncertainties, multiple scales, non-linearities) addressing these problems. NumPor focuses on both fundamental aspects of modeling and simulations such as multiscale modeling, uncertainty quantification, data assimilation, visualization and applications. Thanks to IIMEC existing interactions in Middle East, Europe, Africa, and US and the interdisciplinary nature of the institute, we were able to bring necessary expertise in porous/heterogeneous materials and put together a strong proposal that integrates many porous media applications. We aim at more close interaction with IIMEC researchers and coordinating some of the activities of NumPor with IIMEC in the near future.

This center proposal was selected as one of the winners in the recent competition. This SRI Center is a result of successful IAMCS collaborations within the institute as well as the collaborations between IAMCS and KAUST faculty. These collaborations helped to establish a strong interaction and resulted in this large-scale effort.