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The activities between the US and Greece currently involve research groups of Dimitris Lagoudas (Texas A&M University), Thanasios Mamalis (National Technical University of Athens) and George Chatzigeorgiou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

National Technical University of Athens - Thanasios Mamalis

 Dr. Thanasios Mamalis, Professor Emeritus of Manufacturing Technology at the National Technical University of Athens, is now also the Project Scientific Director of the Project Center for Nanotechnology and Advanced engineering (PC-NAE) a joint initiative of Russian Research Center “Kurchatov Institute” and National Center Scientific Research “Demokritos”.

In October 2011 Dr. Mamalis signed a MoU between Texas Engineering Experiment Station on behalf of the IIMEC (Dr. Lagoudas and Vice Chancellor Dr. N.K. Anand) and PC-NAE (Academician Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.h.c. Prof.h.c. A. G. Mamalis and Dr. N. Kanellopoulos), see appendix K. Also, in 2012 Dr. Mamalis participated of the 3rd IIMEC Annual Meeting as Advisory Board member, and from College Station he went to University of Houston and Georgia Tech.

Plans for the upcoming year are:

Research projects:

  • “Application of nanogold, nanosilver, nanoplatinum and nanodiamonds, in particular made by detonation, to the oncology (cancer therapy and diagnostics).”PC-NAE / Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials, Ukraine and IIMEC / GeorgiaTech)

  • “Simulation of high-speed grinding with dispersed nanodiamonds.”(PC-NAE / NTU “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute”, Ukraine and IIMEC / Texas A&M)

  • “Modeling and simulation from macro-, micro-, to nanoscale.”(PC-NAE and IIMEC – Computational Mechanics Group)

  • “Effect of shockwaves on advanced materials processing.”(Cluster: GeorgiaTech, USA – Nordmetall GmbH, Germany – Shock Wave and Condensed Matter Research Center, Japan – PC-NAE, Greece)


  • Eighth Japanese-Mediterranean Workshop on Applied Electromagnetic Engineering for Magnetic, Super-conducting,  Multifunctional and Nanomaterials (JAPMED’8), June 2013 Athens, Greece.(jointly organized by the Japanese Society of Electromagnetics and Mechanics (JSEM) – IIMEC – PC-NAE / Demokritos – National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) )

  Education and Human Resource Development:

  • Summer School: IIMEC Summer School on multifunctional materials, PC-NAE / NCSR “Demokritos”, Athens, Greece, June/July 2013.

  • International Internship Program: PC-NAE / NTU “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute”, Ukraine (Ph.D. Students Dmitry Romashov and Dmitry Fedorenko) – IIMEC / Texas A&M

 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - George Chatzigeorgiou

Dr. George Chatzigeorgiou has been collaborating with Dr. Dimitris C. Lagoudas (Aerospace Engineering Department, Texas A&M University), Dr. Gary Seidel (Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), Dr. Nicolas Charalambakis (Civil Engineering Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) and, Dr. Yalchin Efendiev (Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University).

Accomplishments for the 2011 year were the publication of 2 papers in international journals accepted which are listed in the publication list and the following paper has been submitted:

George Chatzigeorgiou, Yalchin Efendiev, Nicolas Charalambakis, Dimitris C. Lagoudas, “Effective Thermoelastic Properties of Composites with Periodicity in Cylindrical Coordinates”. Submitted to International Journal of Solids and Structures.

The plans for 2012 are to continue the current work and develop this relationship.

University of Patras – Dimitris Saravanos

  • University of Patras organized the International Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technologies 2011 (ICAST 2011) that took place at Corfu, Greece, between October 10 and 12. This event was financially supported by IIMEC. IIMEC covered the conference fee and the hotel accommodations of fifteen participating students. See appendix M.

  • PhD candidate, Alexandros Solomou visited Texas A&M through an international exchange program funded by International Institute for Multifunctional Materials for Energy Conversion (IIMEC) and interacted with faculty members and experienced students in the fields of Shape Memory Alloy constitutive modeling and SMA characterization. During this visit, an enhanced Shape Memory Alloy constitutive model was developed, capable of simulating effectively SMA actuators transformation anisotropy. The aforementioned work was presented to SPIE annual conference 11-15 March 2012 by Dr. Darren J. Hartl and has been published at Proceedings of SPIE 8342, 83421M (2012).

  • Post Doc researcher Nikolaos A. Chrysochoidis participated in the IIMEC winter school entitled “Computational materials science across scales” which took place at College Station, Texas, USA during January 8th-17th, 2012.

  • Ph.D. candidate, Theodoros Machairas and Master thesis student Konstantinos Georgopoulos-Bosinas participated in the summer school entitled "Composite & Smart Materials: Theory and Applications" held at Ioannina, Greece through 18-22 July 2011. The summer school was co-organized by IIMEC, Texas A&M University, University of Ioannina and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, see appendix L. 

  • Professor Dimitris Saravanos attended the mini symposium "Micromechanics and Modeling of Multifunctional materials" held at Thessaloniki, Greece through 14-15 July 2011. The mini symposium was co-organized by IIMEC, Texas A&M University, University of Ioannina and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, see appendix L.

The plans for next year are:

  • Ph.D. candidate Theodoros T. Machairas will visit Texas A&M University during summer 2012. The visit will be supported by an international student exchange program funded by IIMEC continuing the collaboration between University of Patras and Texas A&M University.

  • Continuation of Research Collaboration with Prof. Lagoudas/TAMU on the Development of a beam element for simulating thermo mechanical shape memory alloys coupling (Alex Solomou)

  • Collaboration with Dr. Lagoudas (Texas A&M University) on adaptive wind turbine blades configurations activated by SMA wires.