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The IIMEC collaboration with Egypt has continued under the leadership of Dr. Yehia Bahei-El-Din, the dean of the College of Engineering at the British University of Egypt. Dr. Bahei-El-Din continued collaboration with Dr. Dimitris Lagoudas (Texas A&M University) and Dr. Pradeep Sharma (University of Houston). The collaboration with Dr. Lagoudas has focused on multifunctional composites and resulted in a new grant to
Dr. Bahei-El-Din from AFOSR European Office. Dr. Bahei-El-Din’s efforts will support the research at Texas A&M on multifunctional materials for extreme environments, funded by AFOSR under the MURI program. In summer of 2011, one Egyptian undergraduate student spent 3 months at Texas A&M with funding from Egypt to work on multifunctional metallic thin films under the guidance of Dr. Xinghang Zhang. In the next year, 4 more Egyptian students will visit Texas A&M campus, with funding from Egypt, to work on different energy materials under the guidance of Professors Sreeram Vaddiraju, Choongho Yu, Xinghang Zhang, and Miladin Radovic.