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The IIMEC collaboration with Cyprus is included in the activities with the University of Cyprus. The faculty and researchers from the University of Cyprus involved in this collaboration are Dr. Haris Doumandis, Vassilis Drakonakis, and Dr. Katerina Sofokleous. The accomplishments included the fabrication of four layers of carbon woven fabric/epoxy specimens with and without carbon nanotubes. These specimens were impact tested and the absorbed energy levels were measured. The results showed that specimens with carbon nanotubes can absorb 30% more energy than specimens without CNTs. These results were presented at the ICAST 2011 conference (an IIMEC sponsored conference) in October 2011 in Corfu by Dr. Sofokleous. Also, Dr. Sofokleous attended the IIMEC Winter School and the 3rd Annual Meeting hosted in College Station, TX, in January 2012. These experiments will continue in the next year. SMA wires will be added to the composite with different volume fractions, configurations, and wire diameters. Their impact energies will be measured and the results will be compared with those from the composites with CNTs. The IIMEC members from the University of Cyprus will attend the ICAST 2013 conference in China and will host an IIMEC workshop in summer 2013.