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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The March 21 IIMEC meeting via Webex focused on SMAs:

Dr. Karaman opened the meeting with an overview of the proposed agenda and a short presentation on the discussion items on SMAs at the Annual Meeting.

Dr. Jaume Pons was the first speaker and he briefly presented his research Ni-rich NiTiHf alloys and precipitation reactions. Collaborations between Dr. Pons and Dr. Karaman and Dr. Pons and Dr. Arroyave were mentioned during his presentation.

Dr. Tarak Ben Zineb was the second to present his "Research projects in LEMTA related to IIMEC" and collaborations with IIMEC members. He spoke specifically about 1) HT-SMAs and its behavior modeling, 2) Behavior modeling of Porous SMAs and their applications, 3) Extension of Fe-based SMA behavior in finite transformation framework, 4) Modeling of the Hydrogen diffusion effect on SMA behavior, and 5) Modeling of composite hybrid Ferroelectric/SMA thin films behavior for energy harvesting applications. He also spoke about collaborations involving other IIMEC participants such as Dr. Benat Kockar.

Dr. Etiene Patoor briefly spoke about IIMEC activities for 2013. He proposed that the 4th IIMEC Annual Meeting should happen in Georgia Tech Lorraine - France. He also proposed an IIMEC Spring School on experimental activity on materials to enhance the knowledge and capability of the students that will participate on this workshop.

Dr. Benat Kockar spoke about her research, projects and "Recent Activities of Research in Hacettepe University SMA Group". She also exposed her work in the biomedical field.

Dr. Darren Hartl was the last speaker as the meeting was extended and he spoke about SPIE. His presentation was on "Phenomenological Modeling of Induced Transformation Anisotropy in Shape Memory Alloy Actuators".