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Several U.S. undergraduate and graduate students have visited partner institutions and laboratories in the last year spending on average more than one month in order to conduct joint research projects in areas related to IIMEC themes. Similarly, IIMEC faculty in the U.S. have hosted students from the international partner universities and laboratories to strengthen the research collaboration. Some of the visiting international students were funded by IIMEC, however, many of them got funding from their funding agencies or government resources, leveraging the IIMEC involvement. These visits have resulted in many joint journal articles. IIMEC has a set mechanism for selecting exchange students. To be eligible for the exchange visits, the students complete a student exchange visit application which is posted on the IIMEC website and is included in the Appendix. Based on the funding availability, the relevance of the research topic and the balance between the number of students visiting different laboratories and countries, the IIMEC executive committee decides on which students to send overseas or host in the U.S.

Pradeep Sharma is the coordinator for faculty exchanges among the IIMEC faculty. To request support the faculty complete the form here and submits it to Dr. Sharma. The form requests (in addition to the usual data such as visit dates, budget etc.) information on which the decision to grant funds for faculty exchange is based: (i) what will be accomplished during the visit? Can the same be achieved through video-conferencing? (ii) How will the visit serve the goals and objectives of the IMI Center?